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Pregnancy Specialist

Youngs ObGyn

Young Kim, MD

OBGYN located in Antioch, CA

Pregnancy can be the most exciting and stressful time in your life. Dr. Young Kim of Youngs OBGYN in Antioch, California, has over 40 years of experience as a practicing OBGYN. To relieve your worries and ensure you and your precious baby are on track for a healthy delivery, call or book an appointment online to meet with Dr. Kim.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is prenatal care?

To ensure both you and your developing baby are healthy, you should receive prenatal care. It requires meeting with Dr. Kim to assess your progress throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. During the examinations, he monitors your health and that of your baby by checking your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. For added peace of mind, you may be asked to do urine tests to catch any abnormalities found in your bloodstream and body.

You’ll also receive regular ultrasounds to check the health and growth of your bundle of joy. Dr. Kim will listen to the baby’s heartbeat to check for any irregular behaviors.

Prenatal care meetings and examinations allow for any issues to be found and treated before they become severe. Additionally, Dr. Kim will answer any questions you have about your pregnancy.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

The term high-risk pregnancy refers to a system designed to classify women who need additional help to bring their baby to term.

High-risk pregnancy categories include:


Reportedly, women who are 17 years old or younger and women who are over age 35 may need additional care.

Pre-existing health conditions

These conditions may cause complications during delivery. Depending on the condition, additional monitoring and assessment may be required.

Conditions include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2)
  • Cancer

More than one baby

If you’re expecting twins, triplets, or more, some additional risks or complications can arise during delivery.


If you’ve had three or more miscarriages, it’s important for Dr. Kim to know this since these experiences may have lasting effects on your body.


Smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs can affect your baby’s pre- and post-delivery health. Special care may be required for both you and the baby to remain healthy.

How often should I schedule an appointment?

Typically, you’d meet with Dr. Kim once a month until you reach the 28th week of your pregnancy. From week 28-36, you may meet once every two weeks. And for weeks 36-40, you may see Dr. Kim once a week.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you may need to meet more often.